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Should Auld Acquaintance...

"Get in the van." Dad came charging out of the 7-11, and began scooping kids willy-nilly into the back compartment.

"But Mom's still in the restroom!"

Dad hopped in and pulled his old fishing hat down over his eyes. "Get down," he hissed. "And shut up."

He was studying the owner's manual when Mom finally climbed in.

"It's upside down," she said drily.

Dad scowled.

"I saw your friend Tawney in the Women's Room," Mom said.

"Who?" piped a voice from the back seat.

"Your father's college roommate."

Dad started the engine. "His name was Anthony."

"What was he doing in the Women's Room?"

"The next kid that talks, walks," Dad said gruffly.

"You're the man," Mom crooned.

Story by:

Suzanne Jubenville

submitted at 2:58pm

14 May 2009