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First Contact

The scientist for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was startled when he received a message from outer space.


"Yes," said the SETI scientist. "This is Earth."

"How’s the weather down there?"

"Pretty nice. How about where you are?"

"Ours is extremely violent. Look, we need your help."

"Like how?"

"Our Sun’s about to explode. Could we borrow yours for a while?"

"No," said SETI. "Life would cease on our planet."

"If you want to argue, Earth, we’ll look elsewhere."

"Wait. Before you go. Where are you?

"In a land far, far away."

"Will you contact us again?"

"Nope. You guys are too stingy. What a shame, considering we’re the only other life forms in the entire universe. Goodbye forever."


Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 11:12pm

14 May 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 107 magazines and 30 anthologies.