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November Night

It was a november night when Elisa came back from work. The night was very chill and breezy. It reminded her of a november evening five years back. Five years back when she was in college, when she was enjoying her life with her friends, her best friends Nancy and Teena. They were the naughtiest and the most studious girls in the college. The 'Three Witches' as they called themselves.

College anniversary celebration was going on. The last few days in college life. So the trio decided to enjoy at most and they did. Late in the night Elisa received a phone call from her home. Her father is keeping healthy and he wanted to see her. Elisa started home. She told Nancy that she will give them a call next morning. But she didnt have to wait till next day! Late in the night when she reached home there was another phone call waititng for her... It was Teena. She was crying over the phone. Her voice was breaking. But even through that Elisa understood that she has lost one of her best friends. Nancy committed suicide in her hostel room and nobody knew the reason, till today.

The door bell rang. Elisa woke up from her memories. It was very late in the night. She wondered who it could be at this time. It is very chill outside. She opened the door. But noone was there. The breeze was blowing. She felt a chillness in her heart, chill like the november night.

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15 May 2009

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