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London Bridge Freedom


They were held on a red light at the junction of Tooley Street, assembled in a pack of commuter cyclists waiting to turn onto London Bridge. The rider would see the same cyclists each day and being a convivial sort he would speak to his fellow riders. That day there was a car poster for a Mercedes with the slogan 'affordable luxury'.

"That looks a bargain. Sub 20k for a Merc. I quite fancy one of those," he said to silver bike guy.

The lights changed and the rider tried to keep up with the silver bike guy. As usual the rider failed.


The rider was held at the red light and looked at the poster. It had been vandalised. Orange and red flames had been painted coming out of the bonnet. In black there was an anarchy sign and in giant letters a statement "IS THAT ALL YOU WANT?"

The rider saw silver bike guy ahead of him in the pack nearer the lights. The rider wanted to comment on the co-incidence. The lights changed. That day the rider found a new energy and by the time he reached the otherside of the bridge he had caught silver bike guy. He pulled up alongside him at the red light on the junction with Gracechurch Street. The rider was about to speak when silver bike guy put his finger the rider's mouth to silence him.

The light changed and they set off, the man on the silver bike disappeared. The rider noticed that there was a strange taste on his mouth. When he reached the shower room at his office he looked in the mirror. He had orange and red paint on his lips.

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submitted at 7:27am

1 June 2008