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World Wide Web

I glance at my computer and then back at my friend. "Come on, hurry up before my parents find out!"

She's installing an Internet connection.

"Okay, set up done, starting Internet..." she says glancing at my closed bedroom door.

It breaks through and suddenly - freedom. We check out the social media websites that we've heard so much about, wishing that we had time to set up our own accounts. My friend says I should use the search engine to learn more about America. I click and I click. We see teenagers with cell phones and girls going to school and driving cars. We see men and women sitting side by side out in the open, in plain sight, without their abaya and hijāb. We see a picture of a couple making out on a park bench.

I look at my friend. "Is this real?"

She sighs. "Yeah."

I touch the screen, committing it to memory.

I unplug the cable from my computer.

Story by:

Rose Kathy

6 June 2013