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The Camel Jumper

Mpokl's wife wanted a bra.

"I love you more than my life, Yusra," Mpokl said.

To Mpokl a bra was a luxury, foolish and unnecessary, but his wife was the queen of his heart.

One day, a man well known in the region told Mpokl, "If you will jump over seven camels, I will give you an emerald stone."

Mpokl was a man of great faith. The emerald stone carried its color.

"In paradise, I ‘will wear green garments of fine silk,'" he said. "On earth, I will jump seven camels."

So, Mpokl retreated to practice. He leapt over three camels, then four camels, five camels, and six.

Then the man said, "The camels must go to the butcher."

Mpokl kicked and screamed and hissed and spit.

"You are a liar and a cheat," said Mpokl.

"No," said the man. "I am a coach, and you are the greatest camel jumper in all Tihama-Al-Yemen."

So, Mpokl remembered all that he had accomplished, and he soon won enough prize money to buy a new bra for Yusra, his beloved wife.

Story by:

Terrence James McNulty

7 June 2013