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It's A Boy

I've been in labour for thirteen hours. I haven't eaten anything but Jell-O since last night. My husband and the nurse hold up each of my legs, pushing my knees back to meet my shoulders. The nurse looks at me, "It's time to push!"

I push for three hours. I am exhausted. The nurse checks me for probably the hundredth time and finally has good news. "It's time to get the doctor so we can have this baby!" It's about damn time!

The doctor comes in and gets prepped and ready for my delivery. I push and push, thankful for my moments of rest. "Ok now, you need to just keep pushing. Don't stop," the doctor tells me. I do.

At three in the morning it's over. My son is on my chest and I weep. My whole being is worn out, but I cradle our little human. I am grateful for the long awaited moment that has arrived. They tell me later that the cord had been wrapped around his neck. My smooth-faced, Californian doctor never let on there was any trouble.

It finally hits me as I rest, revelling in my new role as mom; I'm so hungry!

Story by:

Kelsy Provost

7 June 2013