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Once again, she found herself in the position of peacemaker in the family. Seems she'd taken this role on when she was about six. That was so long ago, but the family dynamics never really changed. This time it was Lillian again, her older sister.

Three times, it had been Lenore, her sister-in-law.

She strolled into Lillian's office with a small bouquet in hand. Lillian turned in her chair and paled at the sight of her sister Linda. Smiling weakly, she greeted Linda with a soft "hello".

Linda thrust the bouquet toward Lillian, smiling. "Congratulations! I hear you have a new grandchild."

The ice-breaker worked like a charm. Lillian shared photos of the newest grandson, and asked Linda if she'd bring Mom up on the weekend to see the baby. "We'll have a picnic, around three."

Linda smiled back. "I'll have Mom call you to confirm after I speak to her. Woody and I can pick her up if Douglas doesn't want to go."

Worked like a charm, my unexpected visit. There will be peace in the family again. I do get tired of these women and their stupid grudges. But I guess I was born to be the peacemaker, to mend the bridges they keep blowing up. Wonder how long it will last... Turning to Lillian, she shrugged.

"Can't stay any longer. Thanks for letting me see Jerome's pictures. He looks like Ryan did as a baby. That apple didn't fall far..."

Lillian got up, came around the front of her desk, gave Linda a hug.

"Thanks, Linda. Make sure you come Saturday. See you then."

Story by:

Karen Burwell

7 June 2013