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Miracle In The Arizona Desert

The figure of a young woman lay crumpled on the hot sand of the Arizona dessert. Slowly, her surroundings materialized like in a bad dream.

First, squinting her eyes, she blinked hard and spat out sand from her mouth. A tall, spiny cactus stood a few feet away from her. She stifled wanting to retch as her nostrils detected the smell of smoke and burning rubber.Tentatively, her hand went up to touch her forehead. Pulling her fingers back, she saw the red smudge of blood and rolled over on her back. God, what had happened to her? Hell, she realized she didn't even remember who she was!

Sitting up painfully, she glanced at the tangle of metal that used to be a car. Its burnt hull had spirals of black smoke drifting eerily into the fading sky. She pushed a strand of dirty blonde hair away from her face, only to wince in pain from moving her shoulder. Apparently, she had been in this wreck.

Feeling wobbly, she managed to keep her balance as she brushed herself off. Walking over behind a rock, she found a small singed notebook. Her fingers turned a few pages until her eyes read one solitary line out loud.

"I need a miracle and a new life!"

Smiling, she crumpled up the paper and tossed it on the ground. I guess I got one miracle already cause I'm alive, she thought.

Looking at the distant horizon, she started walking down the highway. One down, one to go.

Story by:

Debra Jayne East

8 June 2013