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The Touch

He looked through the windshield at the children swinging on swings, and through the open window could hear their screams and laughter. He saw the time and knew he had not much of it. His mind scrambled for a way to say it. It would be in tomorrow's paper, and it was different than what it would sound like. He didn't mean to touch the girl's breast; he accidentally brushed it gesturing. During a rehearsal of the high school play. He was shocked when the police showed up at his classroom door. His wife expected him at home and he had to say something before she saw it in the paper. He had an inkling when he saw her name on the absence list. He remembered the funny smile on her face after he did it. He thought about apologizing, but didn't want to call attention to what he did. He turned the key in the car and began to back out. He decided to tell his wife it was a misunderstanding, and felt ok with that until he saw the news van in his driveway. He decided not to go home, and it wasn't long before he realized he was in another state.

Story by:

Jack Coey

21 June 2013