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Trysts And Cysts

Adults have sex. What a childish saying.

Sex. An "adult" act, something a child could figure out but shouldn't.

Adults think like children, but not about their children.

If Parent A did, A wouldn't have slept with A's coworker, C. A didn't know about C's secret, about C's STD.

B spent the nights playing games and watching TV with Child D. Both waited for A to come home. When A arrived, A was usually too tired to spend time with D. After a while, D stopped waiting up for A.

A and B had not been physical with each other for a long time because A was usually too tired. However, B got lucky once when A got overly inebriated on their anniversary.

One month later, B noticed several cysts. A wouldn't notice B's problem because A only paid attention to C's privates.

B kept B's doctor's appointments secret, as A kept A's trysts secret. B then became diagnosed with the same STD C had.

A asked B why B was crying that night. B, confused about B's affliction, asked A if A had other letters in A's life. Then, A started crying, louder than B.

D woke up and asked what happened.

A said, "everything will be OK."

B said, "D, I love you more than anything."

D said, "If everything is OK, stop crying. You're not children."

D was right and wrong. Sex is for adults. Cheating is for children.

Story by:

Chris Wilkensen

23 June 2013