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She took off her clothes and handed them over. He folded them and stacked them in a drawer. There was wind, rain, some thunder after the obligatory lightning. She told him she was cold so she dressed herself in nightwear and they had cocoa and talked about gardens until sleep overcame them.

Her arms reached for him during her sweats but his sleep kept him out of her cage. She mumbled things in the dark and somehow he heard her but didn't know it. She was much like a telephone ringing down the hall or in another room with no one there to answer it.

When she woke she looked at him. His eyes were closed but then they opened and he saw her too. They smiled but knew their names had not been established so they succumbed. Morning sun drained into them and took them away like waves of light crashing against the jagged shores of their souls. They said nothing for hours after that, which turned into days and weeks. The years spent alone proved to them that indeed the world will end.

She took off her clothes and he took off his. This is how they left it.

Story by:

Jeffrey S. Callico

2 July 2013