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Polaroid From San Francisco

No one knew Jack when he walked in to the bar that night but by the time he left he was regarded as legend. He had come with the intention of getting as drunk as he could. It was a night he would struggle to remember apart from the huge round of applause that followed his drunken exit some eight hours after he had arrived.

It had started out as just another normal day on holiday. He had woken in his hotel in San Francisco and walked round taking in some of the more obvious attractions before moving over to Chinatown for a spot of dinner before his night on the town. He ate well ensuring he gave his stomach enough sustenance to embark on an evening of heroic drinking at a bar which in certain circles was considered to be legendary.

His arrival came with no fanfare and he simply positioned himself at the bar asking the bartender for a beer. He took in the scene as he drank it down slowly. From there he began the routine he had at home; a glass of beer with a whisky chaser. After drinking four different malts he counted out the fifteen varieties they had available to him and he decided to simply drink all of them. The regular barfly's began taking an interest until they were regaling him with stories of previous drinking legends. The names they mentioned and the alcohol were making his mind hazy but once he'd finished all the whiskies he decided it was time for the house cocktail. When he finished he stood up from his chair, paid the tab and left a legend.

Story by:

Bradford Middleton

4 July 2013