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Spare Parts

Ever since he retired from Verizon, there was no stopping Frank whenever he got an idea into his head. After careful consideration, he decided to build a Volvo S60 in the living room of his two-story home. His devoted wife, Ina, tried to explain the impracticability of such a plan, but, being a dutiful and patient spouse for the last forty years, she agreed to assist, handing him wrenches, sockets, ratchets and pliers until the foundation of the under carriage was complete. This took the two of them three weeks.

"You know this car is not going to fit through either the sliding glass doors on the balcony or the front door," Ina insisted.

"Let's just keep on going," said Frank, determined. "We can do this!"

"We should have done this in the garage," Ina said, holding fast to the power drill.

"Sometimes I really worry about you, Ina. We don't have a garage."

Story by:

Marian Brooks

10 July 2013