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Love In Quartic Roots

Mei-choon is so close, just a few more equations and she will have modelled love. How hard she works, tumbling with long-tailed distributions, embracing polynomials no one else can decipher. For months she barely sleeps. She lives before computer screens, searching for love in quartic roots.

She still remembers the day Robert walks in. New professor, hirsute, brainy, with large hands which distract her. Equations flicker to life, but in places Mei-choon has never imagined. They marry. Mei-choon's factorisations stumble.

Years after Robert leaves, Mei-choon finally decomposes love. How sweet the moment! Mei-choon runs into the streets naked, like Archimedes from his bathtub, but the smile freezes on her face.

When the sun sets, Mei-choon's grin remains. She has uncovered love's secret, and now she must guard it.

Story by:

C.Y. Siak

12 July 2013