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One Fine Day

It is a beautiful day outside, I turn off the radio and hand in hand we wander into the garden. Everything seems to be in full bloom, the roses especially are bursting forth with life as we lean forward to take in their scent.

And I can't stop myself and I turn and kiss you. As our lips meet I pull you into me and our bodies melt into each other underneath the baking sun. "I love you" I whisper. "I love you too" you reply. I pull back slightly to look into your eyes; I seem to look for an eternity as I catch sight of the love reflected there. This time you kiss me, hard, and passionately. And time stands still.

"Hold me forever" you whisper as I run my fingers through your hair and over the back of your neck. Run my fingertips gently down your arm. I feel you shiver in the heat but I know that is a good thing. "I'll never let go" I whisper back.

Holding tight we both look up into the clear blue skies. The radio had said the missile strikes would begin in ten minutes, to find somewhere deep to shelter. "I love you" I whisper as our lips meet once more.

Story by:

Rodger Parr

12 July 2013