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Violence & Violet & Vic

The left hand jealous when the right hand celebrates. Vic is in the boat trying to start the outboard. Kate Moss twenty years ago also had a lot of crazy growing up to do. Time to help the good Lord pull asunder what no two men should have joined together.

The ground as starved as lee of a fresh volcano. You couldn't hear a ghost unlatch that gate. Vic still at the motor wasting his breath. Flooded. High jet needs leaning. A hawk doing dervish circles overhead. Learning by doing is not the crystal answer when it comes to farmland meth. I tick the safety to off.

»Vic, they gone and deputized the wrong woman.«

Vic's face turns white as dead for days, the whiskers still growing. »I won't tell nobody,« he says.

»Too late.«

»So then say me my rights, confound you Violet.«

»You have the right to remain silent.«

Damn tinnitus been haunting me ever since.

Story by:

Eldon (Craig) Reishus

15 July 2013