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The Silent White

Snow falls soft as a kitten's kiss ... cool as a puppy's nose, and I walk slowly, the swoosh of my boots indiscernable as the pines whisper sweet nothings in my ears. The crystals are ankle deep and I follow the tracks that lead to where my dog has gone. Luna lights my way, and I soak up the aura of the night as I listen to the owls speak, their secrets safe with me.

Brilliant diamonds sparkle, but I don't bend to gather them. Instead I revel in their cold beauty and I am grateful to be alive. They will melt soon, as spring flirts with old man winter, scaring him away. I laugh and my old dog and I make snow angels in the meadow now. And soon, we'll run with the butterflies, and whippoorwills will sing us to sleep as summer steals the show.

I lay still and let the white cool sheets of winter's last fling lull me to sleep. And I dream. I dream.

Story by:

Susan Miller

18 July 2013