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Army And A Civvie

She was born early, earlier than planned and early in the morning. She was always early... Early to bed, early to school, early to work and she stopped.

She tried plenty of clubs and classes however she then started to never stick at anything, she started things to never finish them... Classes, books, stories, conversations... Everything really... Then she saw him.

She was always more self aware than most.. She wasn't the smartest but she was the most self-aware, so I suppose she had one up on everybody else who doubted her academically, she loved him.

She's always coped... but she worried about everything, even the tiniest of things would be a huge cause of concern, but she wasn't weak. He was her rock.

She had everything figured out, she wanted to be alive not just employed, she wanted children, a small house and a man to come home to every night. She wanted him.

She stopped then she saw him, she loved him, he was her rock, she wanted him.

Then the army called, and he leaves her, and she copes.. But she's late, she quits college, she can't write a simple postcard, she worries about the house being locked, she's lost in the world, she no longer sees him. He's gone and so has a big part of me.

Story by:


19 July 2013