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The Shape To Be

This is the story of a triangle who wants to be a square. She looks with envy at the space inside the square. "Why can't I be so roomy?" she wonders. "If I was a square I could be more useful. What can a triangle do anyway?" After a day full of longing, the triangle collapses in a fitful sleep. In a wild dream, she sees her three solid sides bend, twist and mold into new dimensions. She becomes a square. Then a hexagon, then a parallelogram; she morphs into a new shape with each second. Then, at a speed she never thought possible, she sees herself in all the shapes. In a square there is two of her, in a hexagon there is six. She sees now that her essence is part of all the shapes! Suddenly she wakes, alive, pleased and settled, for a moment. Then with great clarity she yells aloud for all the world to hear. "A circle! Now that is the shape to be!"

Story by:

Lorraine Brooks

21 July 2013