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Little Idol Gift

It was a bright full moon night and I made my plans for the theft. For a girl of my age it's a shameful act, no doubt, but I could see no other way. All I could think of is this robbery. I resolved to make myself lucky again.

I jumped over the main gate of my friend's house and entered the backyard and as I knew where he hid the key, I took it from underneath the doormat and started unlocking the door and there comes my friend from behind and catches me red-handed wondering about what made me do this ... in a state of daze.

As I was caught, I revealed my agony, of losing my little idol of "Lucky Ganesha" which I gifted him a month ago wishing for his luck. And the possession of the little gift got him no simple luck but lady luck... he married his sweetheart with the consent of the elders which was long pending for three years. And on the other hand after losing the little idol I stand empty, lovelorn and without a job. I confessed, the theft was all about bringing back the lost luck.

He smiled and handed me the little idol feeling sorry for my state and I stood there ashamed for my desperate state. Lovely friend, that he is. Thanks to him.

Story by:

Swopnna Reddy

23 July 2013