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The Mysteries Of Life

There are lots of things in life that are mysterious. Like the man who comes to your door and asks, Are you open to persuasion? and a snake inside you wriggles and makes you unsure how to answer. Or when you switch on a light but it doesn't come on so you look at it and it looks at you and you say, Let there be light, and it flickers and you realise you have the power to make things happen.

But for me the most mysterious thing was when the land turned into the sea, and half the village floated away, not because it happened, but my reaction to it. My husband was in the garage, in the car, switching on the ignition over and over because the car wouldn't start, and he shouted, Help! Samantha, I can't swim, and I thought, Should I risk my life to rescue my husband? Should I rush downstairs, half-naked, open the front door, dive into the muddy water, swim round to the garage, struggle and strain to pull open the garage door against the rushing water, swim to the car, see my husband wide-eyed and screaming inside, open the door, drag him out of the now floating car, struggle to prevent him thrashing about and drowning us both, and swim back to the house with him, and I thought, Nah, I'd rather have the insurance.

Story by:

Samantha Memi

12 August 2013