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Change Of Plans

Gus sat on the park bench, cigarette in hand, staring out onto the hustle and bustle of the busy street in front of him.

Puff after puff increased in speed as he nervously tried to keep his mind on something else...anything else. He focused on the man walking by in the fedora, the vintage Chevy that drove by, the woman wearing the shortest skirt he had seen in awhile. Anything to take his mind off of her... him... them.

Only two years away from retirement. He worked hard in the factory his whole life, since right out of high school. He thought his reward would be a lot of fishing, spending time in his workshop, and even road trips with... well... that wasn't going to happen. He suspected things were happening over the past few years, as she was much younger than him and, after all, how could he keep pleasing her as he got older, more tired, more set in his ways? Suspecting is much different than discovering.

The view of the street ahead was suddenly blocked by a police officer. Trembling, Gus looked up at him. He said nothing. He just stood, dropped his cigarette to the ground, and put it out with his foot.

"Officer... I... I mean, the gun was in the drawer behind me... I just remember feeling rage... then in an instant they were lying there, her in the bed, and him face down on the floor."

The officer put his hand on one of Gus's shoulders.

"Gus, the squad car is over there. Let's go for a walk. We can make this easy. I've known you for years."

Gus nodded and slowly walked.

Story by:

Roger Young

19 August 2013