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Why Cowboys Get Lonesome

Know what I hate? Going to one of those "Wild West City" places. With all these hokey guys walking around, all dressed like real cowboys, and carrying guns. "Howdy pardner! " they might say to you. And there's some other fake cowboys on horseback too, just riding. It kind of sucks you in to the whole fake thing. So pretty soon you start calling your two cousins that you went there with, Tex, or Hoss, or something like that. And you all start talking about some fake trail drive, and pretending that you're all real cowboys. You even answer back "howdy" when people say hi to you. Plus you're all wearing these fake cowboy hats that you bought. Then towards the end of the day, everyone at "Wild West City" heads to the rodeo at the far end of town. You and your cousins, families, couples, old and young, it's like the West opening up all over again so many people are moving. But then some wacky helicopter comes close by really quick. And some little kid starts crying really hard, and wrecks everything. So you and your cousins ditch your fake cowboy hats behind the fake chuck wagon, and drive as fast and as far from "Wild West City" as you can get. And nobody talks on the ride. I hate that!

Story by:

John Drenga

3 October 2013