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It started with a whisper; a short unmistakable request to do something she had thought about the moment he started riding the elevators with her. Such a large, proud man using a childhood tactic to secure what she now knew they both wanted. She leaned in; uncertainty preventing her from committing much further. He smiled at her as a soft powerful hand drew her closer than she dared go herself. His lips touched her and her cheeks flushed immediately. All too brief, the kiss both conveyed his desire for her and confirmed hers for him. He left her with a promise of more to come and as the doors closed every part of her knew that they would be meeting like this every morning. It was the little things that made working thankless hours worth it. She had to force her body from dancing as she crumpled the notice she had penned for her boss and tossed it in the nearest paper shredding bin.

Story by:

Wendell Mitchell

4 October 2013