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The Lie

It's another Monday morning. The alarm goes off at 6:15 and the dreaded day begins. I have to go to school like every miserable 13 year old. However, I have a plan to never go back. I just have to be sick, very sick. The first week of school I faked a cough. Then it turned into sneezing. Two weeks ago I had a temperature of 98. Then last week it spiked up to 100. It didn't increase or decrease all week except for Wednesday when I left the thermometer in the cup of boiling water too long and it said 105. Oh, and of course Saturday when it miraculously went back down to 95; I couldn't possibly allow myself to be sick on the weekends. Today however, I need something new. I was going to have the measles but, my mother would never believe their sudden appearance. Well actually, she has been so busy with her work recently that she didn't even think it was suspicious when my best friend Thomas told her, "Isn't it funny how the only day Mike wasn't sick all month was the day we had a class trip to the zoo?" God, I almost killed him for that one. Honestly though, who would be too sick to go to the zoo? Not me that's for sure. You know what, if she didn't even think that was strange I doubt she'll think the measles are. I bet she doesn't even know what the measles are. "MOM COME QUICK I THINK I HAVE THE MEASLES!" The measles should last till Friday right?

Story by:

Stephanie Pidge

10 October 2013