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Wrong Turn

Sandstone. White, grey, and orange streaks. Glorious landing site! Fight gravity? Use it! The balance between gravity and anti has so much power. 84 light years in 20 minutes. Take the 5th planet out of 14. Large orange sun. Gas giant further out has beings, who don't care, unless you try to land. So many changes. Slabhorites, Jainutt, Haliets, all kinds of beings who just wanted war or worse. They can't track us, we sent images going in many directions. We wanted peace. Did we learn? New society, just fill in the egoism, control freaks, murderous bunches like before?

"I believe we can do it correctly. I will not join your party, nor encourage politics. We need to decide the correct directions this time. I know nothing about nuclear devices.

When the whole planet exploded, it twisted the approach of the last ship to 4 light years further, to another solar system.

They stepped out to warm breathable air with trees everywhere.

Story by:

Tom Grayhorse

22 October 2013