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I Love ME!

I am in pain and suffering, can't you see?

Please let me go with my dignity.

I don't want to leave behind fragmented dreams

of a body that no longer has a means.

The pain that I feel as I struggle for breath,

only swells my desires for dignity in death.

My pleas are ignored, the doctors won't prescribe

The only thing I want; I don't understand why.

Despite fighting wildly, death takes us all;

from your pedestal of virtue I don't want to fall.

I see your looks of pity and remorse,

but I want to fly and chart my own course.

My time here is waning, I've no more to give;

I no longer desire my burden to live.

I love you dearly so please love me;

provide me a painless means so I can be free.

Story by:


27 October 2013