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Old Friends

We'd lost contact over the years, my friend and I. But circumstance intervenes, and we find each other again after college; failed marriages, lost opportunities and other calamities that have shaped our lives.

We talk for hours, savoring the memories. We hadn't realized how our childhoods had paralleled. That we've both had similar days of trial and tribulation. We laugh, and almost cry, speaking of things funny - of things that had caused pain. We play a game of 'kick the can' as the restaurant employees exasperate at our lengthy stay.

I'm lucky to rediscover my friend. She is just as beautiful now as she'd been in school. Still wise and wonderful. I lose myself talking to her. I'm able to leave my current woes behind, and remember I'm not alone after all. That life happens to all of us. She reminds me it's the choices we make that make or break us. She tells me to find time to be who I am. And I will.


As we wave 'good-bye' and drive away from the windswept parking lot, a certain sadness threatens to overwhelm my thoughts as she turns left, and I to the right. It will be too long before we meet again.

The taillights of her car blend into the of myriad of traffic as snow, like cold, crystalline lace, floats slowly down from the late night indigo sky.

Story by:

Susan Miller

10 November 2013