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What's the Score?

When scoring, I usually pick up from a load of bikers down the road, "The Outlaws" no less! I have to be let into their compound (I shit you not!!) to complete my transaction.

I make my purchase, $350 for an Ounce of the good stuff and then shoot the shit for as short a time as possible before asking someone to let me out again.

When I first went in there, all the white pride banners all over the walls took me by surprise, but I am getting 'In' with these guys now. Although I do still get funny looks when I turn up wearing a pink polo shirt or similar, these guys only wear black it seems. But hey I gotta have my fun along the way too...

On one occasion, it was one of the biker guys birthday down there and the tipsy celebrant in question would not let me leave until I had necked four fingers of whiskey. The fact that I was driving didn't seem to carry much sway with the gentleman in question.

So after a 15 minute delay to my departure, it took me this long to realize no one there was gonna let me out until i shared a small libation in celebration of this numbskull's birth (his mother must be so proud). I dutifully skulled the scotch and wobbled back to my car where the digital clock winked 4pm at me.

I realise there are other people i could score from, but hey, it keeps life interesting...

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submitted at 10:07am

3 June 2008