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The Caterer's Last Gig

"Gotta run. My new client's gonna eat me alive if I'm late." Bettina clicked off her cell phone.

She rushed to the back of her van to unload trays of food. Within thirty minutes everything was in place.

Chocolate towers gushed.

Fruit trays oozed cherry red.

Rare roast beef practically quivered on a gilded tray.

A shredded hand reached out for a crudité. Bettina gasped. She looked into the Zombie`s one eye, the other one dangled from a pulsing thread.

Soon zombies filled the room. What was left of a woman approached Bettina. Flaps of skin waved from her round breasts as she moved. Splotches of red covered her white strapless wedding gown.

Flesh fell into the punch bowl as the bride reached toward Bettina. Bettina, screamed, clutched her chest and slumped to the floor.

The zombie bride turned a mystified eye to the groom beside her. "All I wanted was a crab puff."

Story by:

Catherine Trizzino

submitted at 2:55am

21 May 2009