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The Wedding

"Zombie Repasts - Caterers to the Stars". The blood red lettering gleamed on the side of the white truck.

"Mother, how did you get them at such short notice?" Mandy twirled around in her wedding gown. Ribbons and balloons decorated the ballroom.

"I have friends in the business. Now, where's Patrick? The guests are arriving."

"He'll be here," Mandy ran to hug several of the guests.

"Where is that nice young man of yours?" her grandmother kissed her on the cheek.

"I bet he doesn't show," Cousin Frank laughed. "I'm hungry. When's lunch?" He headed for the kitchen.

The ballroom filled with guests but still no Patrick.

"We need to start the ceremony," the minister strode to the front of the ballroom. "Bring out the groom."

A few children screamed. Several ladies fainted as the zombie chef wheeled out a long table. Patrick lay silent in his tux; his skin gray and torn. Blood dripped onto the tablecloth.

"Patrick!" Mandy cried grasping his limp hand. "What happened?"

"I guess he got cold feet," Frank said.

Story by:

Carol A. Cole

submitted at 4:49am

21 May 2009