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Little Red House

Remarkable memories are brought to mind as I sit here and reminisce for the last time. I don't wanna lay in this bed anymore because every night I think about burning down these doors to find my way out. This house is not a home, at least not my home because I was always alone. I don't wanna walk these floors that have let me down, or fill these drawers that have let me drown. You're no good for me, and now I can see. You're no good for me, it's time to set free.

The sun shines through my window during the day, but I cannot see the brighter day. The feeling of feeling safe and secure is all I ever wanted from you. But when I'm outside walking the dark streets on my own who do I run to? I don't wanna come back to you. They say there's "no place like home", you can be happy and free here. Where's the comfort? Who are these voices yelling in my ear?

When I hear something horrible crawling up the stairs, I promise to be better and I always say my prayer. And there's always that knock on my door, as they move silently across my floor. Because of you mama and daddy think I'm crazy, I can't even run to them so they can save me. You have coax me into sin, I try to squash the devil's voice that urges me within. Just hug me for my worries to die, my tears to dry and my loneliness to fly. That's all I ever wanted...

Story by:

Lauren Richardson

5 December 2013