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Silence Serenades The Echo

Thirteen-year-old roses. His heart stabs at his chest with every beat. He takes a knee. Settling into the worn guitar, he breathes in deep; the faltering waves of shallow breaths tear up the back of his throat. He swallows hard; he won't let the sorrow reach his eyes yet. He braces himself against the silence. An honest, heavy-hearted, hurting smile. He moves his aged fingers to well-known chords and the well-worn song plays on. The melody manipulates his mind; visions vanish as fast as the moments they had been. First time he saw her. First time he held her in his arms. Counting all ten fingers, all ten toes. Her smile. Her laugh. Her dreams. Her.

The bittersweet anniversary; joy and despair equal as far as time's concerned. Who's to say which outweighed the other? The last note bends the air and the silence echoes.

Story by:

Tiffany Plebuch

10 December 2013