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Don't Be A Litterbug

Jynxxx Lynxxx had never been so excited. He was finally going to solo in the Galaxy Class spacecraft. His only limitation was that he could not go too far.

As soon as he cleared the planet, he activated the hyper-drive. Stars blurred as he approached and then exceeded light speed. He was so absorbed in the fantastic sight through the front widow, that he went way beyond his allotted 20 parsecs.

In his panic to slow down, he accidentally pressed the radiation dump button. The ship came to an abrupt stop spilling huge amounts of radiation on the nearby planet.

He flew close to the ground to get a better idea as to how much damage he might have caused. The damage was extensive, affecting huge chunks of ore in the surrounding hills. In the process of documenting the damage, he almost did not see the giant two-legged creature from this planet. He buzzed right by his head, barely missing him.

John Marshall went down to the river to inspect progress at Sutter's Mill. He felt the breeze as the very small spaceship buzzed by his head. "Dratted bugs," he said. Then his eye caught something new in the bottom of the ditch in front of him. As he said later, "I reached my hand down and picked it up; it made my heart thump, for I was certain it was gold... Then I saw another."

Story by:

Walter B. Huckaby

18 December 2013