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Big Bobby's Dog

Big Bobby was a giant, six feet five inches tall with hands the size of softball gloves. For his whole life, Big Bobby had yearned for a dog. He didn't want a nambsy pambsy dog like a poodle or cocker spaniel. A Saint Bernard or a Husky was more to his liking. He wanted a dog that barked, not some little ankle biter that could only yip.

Big Bobby was 22 years old when he got his first pooch. He was strolling down the street one day when the whimper of a puppy caught his ear. It was a little gray spit of a thing, all eyes and tail, with a prominent set of ribs showing under its filthy fur. Big Bobby picked it up, tucked it inside his jacket and carried it home. He made a bed for the pup out of a small cardboard box and fed him a bowl of milk. $250 in vet bills later, Big Bobby figured the dog was his.

"Harry" accompanied his new master everywhere. Big Bobby liked to take him for strolls down Main Street. They were quite a sight because "Harry" never did grow much. Big Bobby's new best friend turned out to be an eight pound miniature schnauzer that had the heart of a lion but never outgrew that jacket.

Story by:

Joyce Hornblower

21 December 2013