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Wish You Were Here

My toes dig into the sand, waves crashing against my shins. Down the beach, a couple gambol gaily, their cares, for a moment, distant relatives rarely seen.

It reminds me of us, lo those many years ago. Your smile swept me away like a riptide, your laugh lifting my soul until it soared with the angels.

Why did we have to get older? Time, Nature's cruel joke upon man, wore us down. Now I'm a broken shell of the man I once knew, and you...

You left me.

The days intrude on my psyche, a painful canker constantly reminding me of my aloneness. Waking, once a joy, became a chore to put off as long as possible.

My feet trudge farther into the surf, water lapping my waist. The colds seeps into my soul, causing trembles that once only occurred at your touch.

Why, God? Why did you take her away from me? For whatever sins I may have committed, I'm sorry.

The sea covers me completely, and your last words echo in the tranquility of Poseidon's realm. "I'm in love with someone else. Someone who appreciates me. Goodbye."

Oh, how I wish you were here.

Drowning in misery, instead of me.

Story by:

Jeremy Milburn

21 December 2013