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The Blue Plastic Car

Jeremy bought it a year ago. It was custom made.

"You can only get the red ones with those yellow hoods. But I wanted something special, you know?"

His brother, Max, nodded and glanced at the apartment door. He hated to intervene. He didn't want to, but the blue car was one of many presents Jeremy had bought. One of many that would go unused.

He heard the footsteps.

Jeremy didn't. Jeremy didn't hear anything these days.

Max got up and opened the door before the men in hospital gowns could knock.

Jeremy looked up. "Beth won't want company today."

Matt walked over and bent down. He looked his brother in the eyes.

"Beth and the baby have been dead for a year."

Jeremy looked up at him and shook his head. "Beth's not the one that's dead. She's just moved on. I've tried to move on, but I'm scared."

"That's why I'm getting you help. So you can move on with your life."

Jeremy laughed.

"That's not the kind of move on I meant," he said, succumbing to the strangers' hands.

Story by:

Kristina England

3 January 2014