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On A Cold, Summer Day

As the bright sun shone on the sweatered and sniffling, a thread of palatable dismay wove through the community in reaction to the seasonal contradiction.

It was his fifth birthday party and clamorous Johnny George had swallowed a plastic fork. On their way to the emergency room in his company truck, Johnny's father ran a red light. They spun out of control, dispersing their cargo of mattresses which sufficiently cushioned his truck and two other vehicles from potential damage. The plastic fork dislodged from Johnny's throat and severed his vocal chords rendering him mute. Two destitute nomads were witnesses to the innocuous collide and during the commotion were able to flee with one of the beds. They slept on the brand new bed that evening in the nearby salvage yard. While looking for his lost dog, Henry Carter, amateur photographer, snapped a photo of the sleeping nomads. He called the photo Missing Mack and gave it to his pristine aunt for her birthday.

Story by:

Matthew Konkel

8 January 2014