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A Rough Choice

"What a mess!" Frank yelled, when confronted with walls of jungle thickets. "I thought rowing 200 miles down the Amazon was bad, especially when crocodiles almost got us. This is ten times worse. How are we gonna cut our way through this? For two cents, Iíd forget the whole thing and go home empty handed."

"Geez," Jim said. "I thought you wanted to find the Ruby Idol."

"The map said this would be jungle, not hostile demon bushes. Look at that humongous yellow flower. See how itís opening and closing, like it wants us for lunch?"

"Nonsense. "It ainít any bigger than a lily. Youíre hallucinating. Take your malaria pills."

"I did," Frank said. "You better take yours. If you canít see that flowerís big enough to swallow us whole, somethingís wrong with your eyesight."

"OK, Iíll prove it. Iíll pluck the damn thing and show you."

"Donít! If something happens to you Iíll be stuck here alone."

Ignoring him, Jim reached for the flower. The thing roared. A yellow mass lashed out and grabbed him. A second later, only his boots protruded from the flower.

Harry heard a loud burp. Jimís boots flew toward him, slammed his head, and knocked him unconscious.

Upon awaking Harry saw ten crocodiles creeping toward him.

He emptied his pistol without effect. With the jungle his only salvation, he grabbed his machete, and ran toward it.

Thatís when hundreds of huge yellow flowers turned his way.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 1:53am

22 May 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 107 magazines and 30 anthologies.