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The Visitation

A brushing noise awakened her in the breaking light of day. She made out the hazy shape of what seemed to be a winged creature sitting at the foot of her bed. It was dressed in a draping black garment. Veiled, it held a lantern with light enough to illuminate two enormous black wings, wings that threatened to enfold her.

Clutching a blanket to her breast, she gasped. "Who are you?" You look Have you come for mother? Father? Little Mary?" The being, wearing a somber expression held up a hand to silence her. "No, not me... I'm too young... I haven't lived yet... there's so much... but I'm so tired."

The creature did not speak. It simply beckoned her to follow as it slowly moved across the room toward nothingness. She felt a longing, a desire to follow, a need for eternal rest.

A cool sensation, a hand upon hers, a familiar voice, soothing and melodious. "My angel, my sweet child, are you awake?" She slowly opened her eyes to see her mother's face. "We thought we'd lost you."

"You almost did, Mother, you almost did."

Story by:

Kathy Thompson

27 January 2014