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In The Darkest Corner

Five steps and I've already lost hope. But what choice did I have? I glanced back at the blood red arms reaching for me, starving to drag me down once more.

Adrenaline pumped through my paper veins again and the instinct to survive leaked into my system.

Step. Step. Step: It seemed like the stair case went on forever. There was no end to this hell I through myself into, no salvation in this pit. The door at the very top was beckoning me, my lungs harmonizing with its screams.

I can't believe it's going to end like this. I lost my friends, my family, I can't lose myself as well.

Stumble. Stumble: My knee crashed like a cymbal against the concrete but there was no time to take pity. I padded my way up and up, keeping pace with time itself. Oh, but the moaning from the ever growing arms reached out to me, tickling my ears. Screams of all lost souls. Of all the ghosts that ever haunted me and all the demons that rattled my bones. They were finally coming for my meat.

I thought about this all too quickly as the door faded along with everything I could of done differently.

Flash. Flash. Flash: It's all my fault. I've been running from fate and now it's found me. Even after everything, my little rabbit heart beats for me to survive. The blood that's on my hands will never be justifiable. I became everything I used to fear.

"Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary."

The creatures below me chanted.

I was wrong to think that immortality wouldn't be the death of me.

Story by:

Frances Dougherty

27 January 2014