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Get The Best Of Both Worlds

I stand on a sand dune glaring at the moon with lustful eyes, I can't escape the confines of this place but the moon is free to come and go as it wishes.

"Why does it always come back to me at the same time every night, and leave in the morning"? I ask my mother and father. They answer my question with a story. Even though I view it as a fairytale, I listen out of respect for my mother and father. She speaks of a time when the gods of earth were the moon and sun. She tells me that they were the caretakers of earth. The sun would promote vegetation, warmth, and light while the moon was to govern the waves and tides. The earth was divided in two: one side was to be watched over by the sun, while the other side was to be watched over by the moon. The people of earth were fine with this arrangement until a philosopher asked why his side was stuck with eternal darkness while the other side was basking in the glow of sunlight. The other side of the earth asked why they were also stuck in the hot and humid environment of earth. This man caused a feud. The moon and sun took notice of this and decided to change sides. The citizens of earth were pleased with this arrangement for years until that same philosopher asked why they now were stuck in the scorched face of the sun while their counterparts had the cool aspect of the moon. Riots broke out once again and a solution was made. The moon and sun would switch sides every 24 hours. The earth could finally rest in peace.

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27 January 2014