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Henry And Joel

Henry's flight was for ten o'clock that evening. He was summoned back home by his younger brother Joel. Their mother had passed away after a long illness, and there were some legal procedures that needed to be taken care with both siblings present.

Henry had not been back home since the day he went out the door; that was twenty eight years ago. He was a teenager, filled with mixed emotions, and rebellion against his brother. He knew he was adopted, but he also sensed that there was more to that then what he was told.

He remembered how it was when he was growing up. He was two years older than his brother, and they were as different as day is to night.

Joel was easy going, always laughing, joking and being a clown. He despised his brother's light heartiness, and rebelled against it by getting him in trouble.

A polite greeting was exchanged between the brothers; they were more like strangers meeting for the first time.

Mr. Haskell, a court appointee, read the preliminary of the will. He then stopped, cleared his voice and continued. "My entire estate, properties, and assets, are to go to my adopted son... Joel." Henry let out a smirking sound. "You must have read that wrong, I'm the adopted son not Joel." Mr. Haskell gave Henry a blank stare, opened his brief case, pulled out an envelope and handed it to Henry. "I can assure you sir; there is no mistake."

Story by:

Carmen R. VonTickner

31 January 2014