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A Knock At The Door

"Kill me!" The sailor pleaded. "I'll never make it to the docks in time!"

John tried to slam the door shut, but the sailor forced his way into the house.

"I'm running out of time!" Pulling a knife from his jacket he tossed it to John, who let it clatter to the floor.

"Cut my head off!" The sailor slumped to his knees and bowed his head, exposing the nape of his neck. When John didn't move, the sailor glared up at him, his eyes beginning to turn black.

"You're pathetic." He hissed before dashing out of the living room, tearing off his clothes.

"Hey!" Grabbing the knife, John ran after the intruder. "Come back!"

He found the sailor naked and crouching in the bathtub, frantically splashing water on his head and shoulders.

John pointed the knife at the man. "Get out of my house!"

Tucking further into a ball, the sailor screamed as his newly jagged spine tore through his skin. Horrified John stumbled backward as an elongated fishtail unfolded from the man's backside.

Suddenly the bathtub, toilet, and marble countertop exploded as the sailor began his transformation into a blue whale.

John ran from his small house as it erupted from the growing whale trapped inside. When John peered back, the creature's giant black eyes looked at him, as if pleading for the last time.

Story by:

Jimmy Calabrese

5 February 2014