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Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rocket always said he was an alien. Nobody believed him except Susie, but everyone knew she was biased; Susie had loved Johnny from the moment she saw him throwing pitches beneath their high-school stadium's sparkling incandescent lights.

She'd been to his planet exactly three times. The first was during their first kiss. She'd caught just a glimpse - lush red and purple vegetation under a sky boiling with black thunderheads before being slammed back to earth, more breathless from the kiss than the experience.

The second was their wedding night, but the following day, Susie barely remembered. The third was the night she died, but they left too late, and Johnny was never seen again.

Some say he took his own life, his loss too great to bear. I prefer to think they actually left on time and they're still together, happily intertwined beneath a hurricane sky.

Story by:

Dani Ripley

5 February 2014