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Forgive And Forget

He coughs, chokes, and spits blood into the dirty snow. "Are... are you crazy?"

"I thought I warned you ages ago." She yawns, wishing that she'd thought to bring a cloth with her to clean the blade of the bloody knife in her fist. She bends down to grab a handful of dirty snow from alleyway's pavement, wiping the flat of the blade against it and tossing the now-bloodied snow away. That'll do for now. "I told you bad things would happen if you lied to me. Remember?"

His eyes are wide, shocked and disbelieving and agonized, as he lowers one hand to the two wide wounds in his stomach, both gushing blood freely. "I... I do, but..." The words seem to stop in his throat, and he makes a sound something like a sob.

"Uh huh." God, she's tired, feels like she could sleep for a million years. There'll be so much to do when she gets home, though, scrubbing dark red stains out of her own clothes too much work. Just thinking about it makes her sleepy. She needs to start falling in love with boys that require less work. "See you."

"I... oh, God, don't leave! You can't leave me here!"

"Whatever. See you around." She's going to go sleep. Cleaning can wait.

Story by:

Charlotte Creskeyallan

10 February 2014