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As a nurse pushed a gurney into the X-ray Room, the patient yelled, "Help! I can’t remember my name!"

"Amazing, how so many arrive with amnesia," said the X-Ray doctor.

"Why do you suppose that is, Doctor?"

"Could be a structural weakness. When you have two heads, you have operational redundancy. So, if something happens to injure one head, the other takes over instantly. But, unlike us, this Earthling is cursed with a single head—a most ugly one. Seems when most Earthlings are transported from their planet, the trauma leads to amnesia. On the other hand, maybe they whacked his head during the abduction. That could’ve caused it, too.

"That box wasn’t checked on the Abduction Form," she said.

"Maybe they forgot to check it. Wouldn’t surprise me. The Ministry of Abductions hires lots of incompetents these days. Blame it on our manpower shortage from our war with Saturn. Seems like only the dregs are left."

Then he asked the patient, "Did they strike your head with anything?"

"I can’t remember. Who am I? Where am I?"

Ignoring his questions, the doctor told the nurse, "X-rays will tell all. I hope he only has amnesia. If he snaps out of it before he’s roasted, he’ll taste even better."

"Why is that?"

"Nobody knows for sure. But I hope we can cure his amnesia. He’s got white hair. My children particularly enjoy the white-haired ones for dessert."

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 8:34am

22 May 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 108 magazines and 30 anthologies.