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What happened was they were drinking beer and playing pool at a bar out by Medicine Lake. The bar closed at one, and they were headed home. They were both pretty drunk, Frank said. He was driving when they got pulled over. He said he quick lit a cigarette to cover the smell, and when he looked up, the cop was peering in and tapping his fingers on door frame at the base of the window. Frank rolled down the window. The cop asked him a couple of questions and then told him to slide over on the passenger side. He was too drunk to drive, the cop said. He told Eddie to get out and come around to the other side of the car. "You drive," he said. "That's when things went south," Frank said. Eddie opened the door and fell out. "Fell flat on his face," Frank said. So the cop took both of them in.

Story by:

Jack Swenson

15 February 2014