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Dead-End Lovers Leap

Roger played trombone in a small town with a wrestling team that finished forever fifth at region. The wrestling cheerleaders sparkled more vigorously, and Roger went to prom then drove towards Lovers Leap with Samantha, the Rupp girl who captained.

"What's your favorite game bird?"


"Not pheasant?"

"No, quail. Quail have more fun in them. Pheasants are just let's hurry up and get this over."

At the turnaround cliff dead-end a familiar pickup waited with a head slumped over the wheel. Samantha threw up her spiked prom punch, emptied her stomach, for the head belonged to her stepfather. The last time he did time he gave her his lavalamp for minding. First Roger went over.

There were both entrance and exit holes, and later Brenderson, the new man at the morgue, said that some kind of animal or animals must have climbed inside the vehicle and started on the corpse.

Story by:

Eldon (Craig) Reishus

20 February 2014